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Not Stickin’ Around

Coulda’ been a short in the power
Furnace with a faulty fan
Maybe the cat got a little too fat
Knocked the toaster in the fryin’ pan
Perhaps its soot in the chimney
Cellar full of oily rags
Or you’re smokin’ in the bathroom
Dropped your butt in the garbage can

It coulda’ been me or it coulda’ been you
Either way there’s one thing to do
This house is burning down
I’m not stickin’ around

You wanna talk things over
You wanna make amends
You’re all sorry ‘bout what you’ve done
And I just wanna call 9-1-1
Turnin’ over a new leaf
Tellin’ me how you’ve changed
But I can’t hear a word you say
It’s all drowned out by roaring flames

It may be you or it may be me
Either way its catastrophe
This house is burning down
Why you wanna stick around

Some say love is simple
Chemicals in the brain
But when you’re sink gets all clogged up
Time to pour chemicals down the drain
You’re asking for another chance
But the chance for love is gone
Been mad at you a time or three
But I never called you names
Like you called me
If I treat you as bad as you say I do
You outta be glad I’m leavin’ you

This house is burning down
This house is burning down
This house is burning down

Eric Moon

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