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Pretty Pictures

Take this pen and color me a picture
Like mom and pop did when we were just babes
Castles in the forest
Queens and knights and dragons
Draw the whole world dancing

Color me —-TIME
With air around the magic of happenings

Speak your words and tell me a story
Borrow, my imagination
Planets and flying, in outer space
Let’s go play take me there

Spin a web with mermaids and unicorns
Fantasies of times gone by

Don’t let time steal
Your imagination
Though the mind may try to trick you
There are gnomes in the garden
Gold beneath the rainbow
Here’s to dreams that never die

Sing a note and play me a melody
Take this old mind to a pretty picture

Fiddle Parlor Publishing
Katie Glassman
Additional musicians

Andrea McGowan, Paul Musso, Wesley Michaels and Regan Kane.

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