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Katie Wins Fiddle Championship at the National Western Stock Show

Its a belated update, but hey, better late than never…..

The Stock show began with a group of us playing on channel 9 news.  Well, sort of playing, more smiling than anything……

I look forward to this contest every year for so many reasons.  Its an opportunity to hear all of my students on stage and see their families.  This year Joey & Sherri McKenzie, Anthony Mature, Laura Cash, Bubba Hopkins, Stephen Shauer and many more amazing friends and musicians came into town.  Its also a time when I get to hang with my favorite local Texas fiddlers.  And ofcourse jam with my favorite Texas style guitar player Sydney Green.
Congrats to all of my top five student finalists: Gavin Hamann, Ellyssa Johnston, Archer Buckbee, Caitlyn Lilly, Sierra Johnston, Beth Davis, Ari Fierer, Mackenzie Johnston, Katy Buckbee, Sydney Green (YA Champion), Amy Fieling, Sterling Harris, Gary Levin, Emily Arnold Mages and congrats to everyone who competed.  Playing fiddle tunes onstage with Anthony, Joey and Sydney was an absolute blast!!!  It was a marvelous weekend!

Tuesday following the Stock Show Contest, I did an interview on Colorado Public Radio.  Greg Schochet came to the studio with me and played guitar back-up.  Thank you Greg!!!  Here is a link to the interview.

Another thank you to Linnae Kenney and the Colorado Oldtime Fiddlers Association for putting in the time and effort to make this all happen!!

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