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Fly Away Lil’ Girl

In a hole little girl in me
She fell into a hole
But before she could hardly see
And now she’s found in the hole

With the grace of life she took each strife
Hopin’ to not fall again
Then that hole came along and it swallowed her soul
Darkness walked beside her

She looked around that grim dark place
Hopin’ find some way out
With no one to talk to and no where to go
Tears streamed from her eyes

Then the sun shined down, shining all around
The only way out to scream or to shout, then wings she did grow

Fly away little girl in me
She flew out of the hole
Lookin’ down at the past that drowned
She flew into the sky

Fly away—–she flew out of the hole
Lookin’ down at the past no more
She flew into the light

Fiddle Parlor Publishing
Katie Glassman
Additional musicians

Yaniv Salzberg, Andrea McGowan, Sally Van Meter.

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