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Devil’s Plea

Takin’ your time to tell her your story.
SHE doesn’t know cuz she wasn’t there.
The war and pain you suffered.
O she doesn’t know that it may RETURN.
You were a slave to the bottle.
It would swallow you whole
It burnt up all the others.
But this, she doesn’t know.

Come with us and make your plea or the devil comes out tonight
Your secret just ain’t safe with me, oh the fear and fright they’ll be
Take the key to the kingdom of love And tonight you’ll see
You can lock them up behind those bars until they all break free
Or you can fight them down and fight them out
So they don’t bother you no more

The devil came out to take his plea:
Will you go with her or will you come with me?
You won’t look back cuz she won’t be there.
The devil’s magic will fill the air

Take this key to the kingdom of love and tonight you’ll see
You can go with her let secrets free or come with me let secrets be
The demons in mind that you’ll never have to hide
If you go with the devil tonight, you’ll leave your love behind
Will you stay or will you go

You never told her your story.
Now, this she does know
The pain and war you suffer.
Now she knows that it has RETURNED
You are slave to the bottle.
It has swallowed you whole
It burned up all the others.
And now it has RETURNED.

Fiddle Parlor Publishing
Katie Glassman

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